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Dr Shashikala P


Dr Ravi Kumar H N

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Dr Vijay Shankar

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Dr Santosh KV


4 weeks ago
If you want to take good macroscopic pictures that are suitable for publication, the background MUST be clean. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Pic: renal cell carcinoma. Another tip: put lesion in center.

Pics courtesy of @yro854 #yalerosenslidecollection #GUpath #grosspath https://t.co/qxPiBIGjeT
kciapm photo
2 months ago
Congratulations to the one and only @JMGardnerMD on the Outstanding Communicator Award! Well-Deserved! #CAP18CHI @Pathologists https://t.co/zAzf6PcnRY kciapm photo
2 months ago
So nice to meet old friends for first in-person in a #MOTTIRL at #CAP18chi
Pictured from left to right: @YonahZiembaMD, @ALBoothMD, @JMGardnerMD, @4theLoveofPath and @Sara_Jiang https://t.co/kHRP29mAi1
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2 months ago
Neutrophil hypersegmentation is defined as any neutrophil having 6 or more lobes or more than 3% of neutrophils having 5 lobes, when 100 neutrophils are examined - ICSH guidelines
#hemepath #pathologist #rbc https://t.co/BpGRH6mzdI
kciapm photo
2 months ago
Also got to do a #mottirl with my tweeple @elattar_hicham from Morocco who saw me & we chatted with so much in common like we’ve know each other for ages. Thanks Dr Hicham 🤗 Such spontaneous joy #PathTwitter #IAP2018 #IAPJordan2018 https://t.co/LfJG7akjGo kciapm photo
2 months ago
It’s spontaneous joy to meet a colleague along the corridors & you both recognize each other without having ever met in real life, yet you feel so connected because of #PathTwitter. Today I had the pleasure of #mottirl with @Williamson_SR from USA at #IAP2018 #IAPJordan2018 https://t.co/NHXMyW0dMg kciapm photo


Dr Vijay Shankar S

Hon Secretary, KCIAPM

Professor & Head

Department of Pathology

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences

B G Nagara, Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya (Dist)

T: 9845357933



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