The Department of Pathology, Kempegowda Institute of Medical sciences, Bangalore, conducted a half day CME titled “Trends and Bends in Breast Pathology” on 3rd August 2019.

Registration of the event started at 9:00am, our registration committee members comprising of our staff and postgraduates welcomed the delegates coming from all parts of the state by taking their signature in the registration form and issuing them the delegate kits. There were spot registrations as well, who were also issued similar delegate kits. The total number of delegates were 200.

The scientific sessions began after a brief inauguration, which included lighting of the lamp, invocation and inaugural address by our Dean and Principal Dr V T Venkatesha.
The entire proceedings were witnessed by our KMC observer Dr Ravi Ningappa.
The first session was between 9:30 to 10:15am titled “Approach to Papillary lesions of the Breast “, by Dr Vidya M N, Consultant Pathologist, Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, Bengaluru.

Dr Ashwini Nargund, Associate Professor, KMIO, Bengaluru spoke on “One Stop cytology clinic for Breast lesions – What is new?” between 10:15 to 11:00am. This was followed by a short tea break of 15min duration.

The next topic titled “Tumor biology in breast cancer matters – A new era of defining breast cancer – AJCC 8th ed with Slide Seminar” was by Dr Malini Harigopal, Associate Professor, Yale Cancer Centre, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. The session lasted for two hours from 11.15 to 1.15pm. The slide seminar comprised of 18 slides and 4 bonus cases, as follows;
1. Benign Phyllodes tumor
2. Myofibroblastoma
3. Proliferative breast disease with usual ductal hyperplasia and collagenous spherulosis
4. Invasive and in-situ cribriform carcinoma and atypical lobular hyperplasia.
5. Invasive lobular carcinoma – Classical type
6. Adenoid cystic carcinoma, solid variant with basaloid features and metastasis to lymphnode
7. Invasive apocrine carcinoma
8. Invasive micropapillary carcinoma
9. Invasive carcinoma with osteoclast like giant cells
10. Mammary carcinoma with medullary features
11. Spindle cell metaplastic carcinoma
12. Mucinous carcinoma
13. Carcinoma with neuroendocrine features
14. Fibromatosis
15. Metaplastic carcinoma with chondroid differentiation arising in microglandular adenosis
16. Solid papillary carcinoma
17. Encapsulated and invasive papillary carcinoma
18. Solid papillary carcinoma with reverse polarity
Bonus case 1: Mammary hamartoma
Bonus case 2: Combined fibroadenoma and tubular adenoma
Binus case 3: In –situ and invasive lobular carcinoma
Bonus case 4: Low grade adenosquamous carcinoma

The concluding session was by Dr Usha KIni, Professor, St Johns medical college, Bengaluru, titled “When things are not what they seem to be-A case seminar”. The session lasted for 45 min from 1.15 to 2.00pm.
The programme ended with lunch and distribution of certificates to delegates, subject to collection of the feedback forms.