21st INDO-US Flow Cytometry Workshop “Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry” Jointly organized by Live Education Task Force, International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (LETF-ISAC) Trust for Education and Training in Cytometry (TETC) Ramaiah Medical College at Ramaiah Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru in association with KCIAPM on 29th-30th January 2020
Introduction: Flow cytometry is a rapidly growing diagnostic modality. The Indo-US Flow cytometry workshops have been a great platform to learn the concepts of flow cytometry and its applications. The 21st Indo US flow cytometry workshop was conducted on 29th and 30th of January 2020 in Ramaiah medical College which was jointly organised by Trust for Education and Training in Cytometry (TETC), Live Education Task Force-International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (LETF-ISAC) and Department of Pathology, Ramaiah Medical College.

Participants: The workshop had 163 registrations which included delegates who had come from various parts of the our country and other countries like Nepal.Majority of the participants were pathologists ,a few from the field of biotechnology and some flow cytometry technicians.The committee had invited national and international experts from the field of flow cytometry

Summary of Day 1 (29/01/2020)
The first session was on the basics of flowcytometry by Dr. H. Krishnamurthy who explained the components of flow cytometry and their correct usage in great detail.This was followed by a welcome and inaugural event which was addressed by all the dignitaries from Ramaiah Medical College, TETC and LETF-ISAC.
The next session by Dr. Zosia Maciorowski, who gave a detailed explanation on quality control and trouble shooting in Flow Cytometry.Dr. Paul Edward Hutchinson who spoke about polychromatic flow cytometry and panel designing and the principles involved with illustrations.A session on use of Multiparametric flow cytometry in Myelodysplastic syndromes was discussed by Dr. Brent Wood in great depth
Afternoon session was a lab module, wherein, the instrument set up and start up was demonstrated by Dr. Hemant Agrawal which was followed by a demonstration of DNA estimation and cell cycle analysis by Dr. H Krishnamurthy.The second lab module by Dr. Zosia Maciorowski demonstrated multicolour flow cytometry for TBNK, CD4/CD8 analysis.
Dr. Sumeet Gujral in his next session explained about Leukemia/lymphoma phenotyping with case studies highlighting the importance of flow cytometry in evaluation of Leukemia/ lymphoma and in detecting MRD.
The last session for the day was by Dr. Brent Wood who explained about the importance of flowcytometry in Minimal residual disease.

Summary of Day 2 (30/01/2020)
The first session was by Dr. Brent Wood who spoke about the use of multicolour flowcytometry in multiple myeloma. The second session was by Dr. Vivek Tanavde on CD34 enumeration wherein, he introduced the general principles in rare cell analysis and discussed the ISHAGE protocol. Dr. Ananthvikas Jayaram spoke about role of flow cytometry in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and Primary Immunodeficiency Disease in detail. Flow data analysis and presentation by Dr. Hemant Agrawal who discussed about guidelines for correct data analysis and presentation.

The next session as by Dr. Brent Wood and Dr. Monica Singh who discussed leukemia and lymphoma phenotyping with relevant case studies. A interactive session which consisted of a open quiz and discussion was then conducted by Dr. Hemant Agrawal and Dr. Rekha Gour, after which the Dr. Awtar Krishan Award was awarded to the winner.

The participants were very happy and actively participated in the workshop. The feedback was mostly positive. Some of the suggestions included hands-on workshop on flow cytometry for better technical understanding and analytical skill development, a more detailed workshop conducted over a longer duration encompassing all the clinical applications of flow cytometry