President's Message

Address note to members
Dr Ravikumar H N

Dr Ravikumar H N


Dear All

I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the KCIAPM. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor Dr. Shashikala & for her outstanding leadership and her contribution to the association during her presidency and members of Executive Committee contributing to the success. I am inspired by their commitment and the achievement. In fact the Growth of the Association has been propelled by the individuals and all the past president and office bearers. I am looking forward continuing this important work towards full filling the ambitions of each and every member of KCIAPM.

In this endeavor I am joined by our Secretory of KCIAP and the team to deliver what is best for the Association in the coming year. Our secretory is getting elected from the members for the 3rd time unanimously, that itself shows how committed he is, towards the growth of the organization. As I said in my first message during the valedictory function of the last KCAPM meet, we are committed to all sections of the members and ensure that all the academic activities, CMEs, Slide seminars and other activities will take place on time and with quality. I request all the members of the KCIAPM to attend all the meetings and contribute to the organization profusely to ensure that the KCIAPM stands out the best in the country.
There will be misunderstandings, arguments, doubts etc… but if we can stand together as one organization we can make KCIAPM the outstanding pathology association in the country. Request everybody to spare few minutes every day, be as a small brick towards building this great organization.
Jai Karnataka !!!!!!