Slide Seminar 1 - Jan 2012

Anand Diagnostics

11 Feb, 2012


Time 10:00 AM


Anand Diagnostics

Contact Person – Dr Anand


Bowring Tower, 54 Bowring Hospital Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore 560001

This academic meeting that is conducted by Anand Diagnostic Laboratory on behalf of KC-IAPM is different in that you are provided with links to the live image scanned slide instead of CDs of static images. By clicking on the link provided / by opening the link on your browser. You can navigate / zoom in / zoom out.

Slide Seminar – Main Cases
ADL - 0130/F, Scalp swelling. Clinical diagnosis sebaceous CystClick Here
ADL - 02"Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" - PG Slide Seminar. PGs of different colleges to present the Slides.Click Here
ADL - 0338/F, Right flank pain with palpable mass. Associated with fever and chills.Click Here
ADL - 0436/F, Excised lymph nodeClick Here
ADL - 0553/M, Left thigh mass. Clinical diagnosis is neurofibromaClick Here
ADL - 0636/M, Swelling in the cheekClick Here
ADL - 07Female patient, Swelling over left temporal region, duration of 5 yearsClick Here
ADL - 0835/F, Left thigh swellingClick Here
ADL - 0956/M, Mass in the omentumClick Here
ADL - 1048/F, Lump in the right breast with a duration of 2 monthsClick Here
ADL - 1158/F, Mass in the omentumClick Here

Quiz Cases

Quiz 148/M, multiple space occupying lesions in liver. Liver biopsyClick Here
Quiz 216/F, USG FNAC from mass above left kidneyClick Here
Quiz 365/F , Skin biopsy, clinical diagnosis of bullous pemphigoidClick Here
Quiz 415/M, Gastric biopsy from necrotic ulcer over lesser curvatureClick Here
Quiz 52/M, skin biopsy from macular lesions with central clearingClick Here
Quiz 651/M, Rectal biopsyClick Here
Quiz 729/F, Swelling in the abdominal wallClick Here
Quiz 874/M, Tissue from mass in left external auditory canalClick Here
Quiz 925/M, Case of primary infertility and presented with epididymal nodule. FNAC from noduleClick Here
Quiz 1040/F, FNAC of solitary cervical swelling measuring 3x2 cmClick Here

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