Slide Seminar 2 - May 2014

R V Metropolis


Slides contributed by RV Metropolis – 25th may 2014


Case 1.  Left  thigh mass excision Biopsy in a 65 year old male
Case 2.  H/O mole over abdominal wall since birth.Recent increase in size. 42 year old female.
Case 3. Multiple cutaneous nodules ? Multiple leiomyoma. Skin biopsy in a 32 year old female.
Case 4. Right breast lump in a 40 year old lady , with FNA showing few atypical cells. Wide excision done.
Case 5. 63 year/F , Single plaque like growth, partly covered with scab , on upper back, DD- Basal cell Ca/SCC
Case 6. 57 year old female  , Right hemithyroidectomy
Case 7.44 year old male , solid mass  on the left side of the thigh
Case 8. 36 year old lady with breast lump. Excision Biopsy done.
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