Slide Seminar 3 - Nov 2015

Triesta Life Sciences

Digital Pathology Session


We are pleased to conduct an interactive slide seminar on 21st November 2015 at Auditorium, Bangalore medical college and research institute, Bangalore. The cases for discussion are selected from the routine Histopathology Cases, reported in Pathology Division, Triesta Life Sciences, HCG Hospital, Bangalore. The purpose of this slide seminar is to have a healthy discussion on how to approach to a diagnosis in Histopathology

12 cases have been selected, whose case histories have been attached with a separate sheet sent to you. The cases will be discussed by the Faculty,  Pathology Division, Triesta Life Sciences, HCG Hospital, Bangalore. Dr Rajiv Swamy will moderate the session.

One case has been entrusted to the postgraduate of one medical college for presentation during the seminar.  The concerned heads of the department are kindly requested to delegate the responsibility to any one of their postgraduate to present his/her views during the seminar. The best presenter shall be awarded by KCIAPM.

The postgraduates/consultants are hereby requested to mail the diagnosis/differential diagnosis to

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