Slide Seminar 4 - July 2014

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology

We are pleased to conduct an interactive slide seminar at KIDWAI MEMORIAL INSTITUTE OF ONCOLOGY, Bangalore on 12th July 2014. The cases are drawn from the files of KMIO, Bangalore.

Consultant Pathologists from KMIO , Bangalore have kindly consented to be the moderators of the session.

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Case 1 : 53y/F  Regular health check-up.  Pap  smear  study.
Case 2: Smear for interpretation
Case 3: 17y/M,  C/o Abdominal pain on and off, mass felt to the left  of umbilicus since 6 months. USG FNA of the mass done  ( 2 slides  A & B )
Case 4: 28y/F, Presented with B/L cervical lymph-nodes since 6months.  Lymph nodes were of 1-4cm. Size. FNA of Lymph-nodes done. ( 2 slides  A & B)
Case 5 15yrs old boy treated for ALL 6yrs back on regular follow-up, presented B/L submandibular enlarged lymphnodes,  2x3cm. FNA of the lymph-node done.
Case 6: 28y/F, C/o abdominal pain on and off.  USG abdomen revealed multiple abdominal lymph-nodes,  largest measuring 2x2cm.  USG FNA of para-aortic lymph-node done. ( 3 slides  A , B & C )
Case 7: 7a.  Smear for interpretation

7b. 53y/M presented with altered sensorium.  CSF cytology

Case 8: 17/F presented with hemi paresis & altered sensorium – one week. CSF  cytology.
Case 9:63y/F presented with epigastic fullness and dyspepsia.  USG FNA of epigastric mass done
Case 10: 38y/F swelling over the parietal scalp, midline since 6months.
Case11: 45y/M presented with left flank pain.  USG revealed a large lumbar retroperitoneal mass measuring 9x 10 cm. FNA done
Case 12 : 52y/F presented with dyspnoea since one month.  CXR revealed pleural effusion. Pleural fluid cytology ( 2 slides A & B)
Case 13: 40y/F , c/o right flank pain since 3months.  USG abdomen showed a lumbar mass.  USG FNA of the mass done.
Case14: 52y/M presented with low backache of 6months duration.  USG abdomen revealed  a presacral mass. Guided FNA done.







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