Registrations started at 8 am on 23.02.2019. The Registration committee comprised of our postgraduates who welcomed the delegates. Signatures were taken in the registration form and the delegate bags containing the programme sheet, pads and pens were issued to the delegates
The scientific programme started at 9 am with Dr.NikhilMoorchung taking off with Structure and function of Nucleic acids. Dr.VijayaMysorkar chaired the session.
The second talk of the day was by Dr.AarthiRavichandran on the Role of Molecular Pathology in Solid tumours. The session was chaired by Dr.VijayaMysorkar.
This was followed by the inauguration ceremony. Dignitaries were welcomed by Dr.Prasanna Shetty, the organizing chairman. After the lighting of the lamp, the guest of honour, Sri Srinivasmurthy, CEO of Gokula education foundation addressed the gathering. Dr.Medha Y Rao, Principle and dean gave the presidential address. Dr N K Alva, Organizing secretory proposed the vote of thanks.
After the tea break of 15 min, Dr. Nikhil Moorchung took over at 11.15 am to complete the topics on Basics of PCR and its variants along with Real Time PCR and sequencing. Dr.Chidambara Murthy chaired the session.
Later Dr Nikhil talked on the role of molecular Pathology in Haematological non neoplastic lesions which was chaired by Dr.Aarathi R Rau.
Lunch break was between 12.45 to 1.30 pm after which we quickly resumed into the auditorium to start the lecture by Dr.SharathDamodar on Role of molecular Pathology in Haematological Neoplastic Lesions. The session was chaired by Dr.Aarathi R Rao
At 2 pm, Dr.Jyothi S Prabhu delivered a lecture on Research Applications, the session was chaired by Dr.Aarathi R Rao
At 3.15 pm,Dr. Ravi Sirdeshmukh talked onthe Introduction to Proteomics. The session was chaired by Dr.Chidambaramurthy
At 4.30pm we conducted a panel discussion in which all the guest speakers participated to clarify the doubts of the participants. The CME concluded with National Anthem.

In conclusion, all the delegates had an academic feast, which triggered an interest in understanding the concepts of Molecular Pathology. The speakers gave ideas how to go about in setting up a molecular Pathology Lab in the institutions. The delegates gave a good feedback on the organization of the event and feedback forms were collected. The delegates were of the opinion that basics of Molecular biology must be included in the UG/PG curriculum. 78 delegates attended the CME.

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